Spruce Up a Home With Staging! 

Call me to discuss my furniture inventory and how I can assist you in staging your home to optimize its selling potential. 

Staging Tips: 

1. Have furniture but don’t clutter: Don’t leave rooms empty because potential buyers may struggle to visualize how to utilize or decorate the space. 

2. Paint: A fresh coat of paint in a neutral palette can be an inexpensive upgrade with big impact.

3. Fill the walls: Don’t leave walls bare, which can make a home feel cold. Hang photography, framed artwork, and mirrors to spice up the walls. 

4. Flower and fresh fruit displays: Have fresh-cut flowers in simple glass vases displayed on the dining room table and in other places in the home to bring more life to a space. Place glass bowls of lemons, limes or apples in kitchen or dining room.

5. Create curb appeal: Mulch, plant flowers, and use potted plants to create a pop of color. 
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Dennis Coleman
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