Winterizing Your Home

The most common mistake home owners make is to leave their outside faucets open. This can cause major problems if no one is there to notice should they burst. Make sure they are shut off at the source, then, drain the outside faucet, and close.
Make sure your windows are sealed and if they have locks, use them as it will help tighten the seals
Check your heating system and if you have a filter system make sure you are changing it often. If you have a forced air unit with a humidifier, have you turned it back on? Regarding humidity, there are pros and cons to humidifiers so you should do some research to see if they are right for you. I personally feel they are a great help at making the house feel more comfortable in the winter.
Have an un-insulated pipe in a crawl space? Like the faucet, this is a major problem waiting to happen if it is not insulated.
If you have ceiling fan it may be counter intuitive but you could put the ceiling fan in reverse. Doing so allows the cold air to be pushed to the ceiling, while the warm air is forced back down into the living room. This is particularly useful if you have high ceilings.
Keep the heater temperature down. If you live with someone who likes the house nice and toasty - Good Luck!
Try dropping the temperature at night so your heater works less while you're asleep. If you have forced air you may find that by leaving the fan on the on position it will even out the heat throughout your home. Of course the programmable thermostats give you many options for changing the temperature according to your needs.

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