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One of the most crucial aspects to selling your home for top dollar is the scope and quality of how it is marketed. I make sure your home achieves maximum exposure by using a multi-media approach to marketing. I always use the best photographers, graphic designers and printers to produce high-quality materials.

1. Consultation
The most important responsibility an agent has in helping you sell your home is to listen and understand your goals. It is easy to assume the goal is the highest price but there may be other issues that are equally important to you. I will personally advise you of the pros and cons of the various approaches to selling your home.

2. The Paperwork
The Listing Agreement, along with the required disclosures, is now more than 30 pages long. Prior to moving forward, I will personally go over those documents with you and make sure you understand them and that they are executed properly

3. Home Repairs 
Your home, like most, may need some minor repairs and/or sprucing up. This may be as small as a few new lights, repairing loose tiles or having the windows professionally cleaned. Your home might benefit from some carefully chosen remodeling. Your net price is always my focus and I will discuss with you how to get the most bang for the buck. If you decide that some updates are in order, I have numerous excellent, value-oriented contractors that cover the entire range of what your home may need for market, which I will oversee. 

4. Staging
Depending on your home, staging can simply be the removal of some personal items, a little decluttering and some fresh flowers. With your agreement I will have a professional decorator come through your home that will make staging suggestions. Depending on your staging needs I may be able to supply what you need from my warehouse or perhaps a Full Stage would be best. If your goal is to maximize your net price you need to make your home shine like a showplace!

5. Photographing Your Home
How your home presents on the Internet is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. I use the two premier photographers in the industry; Home Visit and Truplace. In addition to a wonderful Virtual Tour, I download all the photos for use in print marketing and on various real estate websites. Taking that extra time assures that when all the information is transmitted to, Trulia, Zillow, etc., the photos of your home automatically pop up on their opening screens. Because of their importance, I have professional subscriptions to these sites, which allows me to upload additional photographs and information.

6. Print Marketing 
I work with a wonderful graphic artist to create a beautiful, informative, high quality fact sheet of your home. The brochure will not only contain first class photos of your home, but will also have a community section. As you know location, location, location are the three most important words in Real Estate. We also create a high quality Just Listed Card for your home which is target marketed. I have never, in over 30 years of selling homes, met a Seller who actually benefited by their agent sending out a Sold Card, and yet that is actually what most agents do!

7. Entry into MRIS
Once the preparation, staging, photos, print materials are in hand, the home is entered into the MRIS. The Virtual Tour of your home, individual photos, and required disclosure documents are all downloaded into the system. It then immediately populates to all the other Internet sites. Long and Foster also creates an individual website for your property.

8. Open House
We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of “Open House” and “By Appointment Only”. If you decide you to have one, Open Houses are typically from 1-4 on Sundays. Along with posting it on the Internet, I personally place Open House invitations on about 50 of the homes closest to you. Although a neighbor will probably not buy your home they typically love the area and are often a huge asset when a prospective Buyer enters the home. Some agents say that Open Houses are a waste of time. In over 30 years, I have never met a Seller who received less for his home because it was made easily available to the public via an Open House. Even if the prospective Buyer is working with another agent I will be attentive to them and answer all of their questions. 

9. Broker’s Open
Every Tuesday all brokerage companies have their meetings and “go on tour” to see the new listings. I make sure all the companies and offices near your home are aware that your home will be open and provide a catered lunch to attract as many agents as possible. There are often many more homes available than can possibly be seen so I go the extra mile to make sure your home is viewed by as many agents as possible.

10. Follow Up
Throughout the entire home selling process, communication between us is essential. I made the decision a number of years ago, when I could have expanded and formed “The Coleman Group”, that I wanted to work directly with my Sellers throughout the entire process and not end up managing other agents and/or assistants. I continue to feel that is the best way to serve my clients. I have consistently been in the Top 100 of 12,000+ plus Long and Foster agents and in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide

I personally network with agents and contact them for feedback after they show your home. Furthermore, I will see which other agents are currently listing similar homes to yours and call them to promote your home. I am also a member of TAN – Top Agent Network which I use to promote your home. I, of course, follow up with any potential Buyers for your home and my primary goal is always to Sell Your Home!
Dennis Coleman
Dennis Coleman
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