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About Bethesda

In a portion of Southern Montgomery County, Maryland is a thriving and hip urban district known as Bethesda, Maryland. The cultural heart of the D.C. Metro area is home to over 200 restaurants, 20 art galleries, two live theatres, and some of the best shopping in the region. The popular artistic and cultural district features ample parking, great public transport and is easily accessible by the Metro's Red Line.

Bethesda is a highly successful community located just out of the D.C. proper. The highly affluent and educated community earned recognition in 2014 for being first on the Forbes' list of "America's Most Educated Small Towns," as well as first on the Time's list of "Top Earning Towns."

Bethesda History

The history of Bethesda reaches back to the times of early American settlement. The first settler of European descent to make the Bethesda area is home was Henry Fleet, an English Fur Trader who lived for two years among the native Piscataway tribe and later returned to England where he spoke of the land's riches and garnered funding for another North American expedition.

Many of the early settlers within the region made their living as Tobacco farmers, and Bethesda was no exception. In 1694, the first land grant was awarded to colonists in present-day Bethesda. The first settlers in Bethesda, like others in the region, made their living by farming tobacco. Farming tobacco was the primary way of life for Bethesda's first residents throughout the 1700s.

Life for Bethesda residents changed drastically in the 1800s, when the area of Bethesda became a stop on a toll road. The road, known as the Washington and Rockville Turnpike, was the road on which tobacco and other goods were carried between Georgetown and Rockville. A small settlement grew around a roadside store and the toll-house, and by 1862, the community was known by the name "Darcy's Store." By 1871, the small community was renamed after the Bethesda Meeting House, a popular area church.

Around the turn of the century, subdivisions began to appear on what was once Bethesda farmland. The earliest neighborhoods, such as Drummond. Edgemoor, Battery Park, and Woodmont anchored the small but growing community. Throughout the 20th century Bethesda grew both in size and character.

In recent years, the are of Bethesda has established itself as the major urban core and employment center of the southwestern portion of Montgomery County. Bethesda's growth has been in part due to the expansion of the Metrorail and the usage of the Metro's Red Line, which has opened up both residential and commercial developments in Bethesda and the surrounding area.

Life In Bethesda

Living in Bethesda means that one will be a part of a lively urban community that is filled with hundreds of wonderful restaurants, over 75 fashionable retailers, unique boutiques, live theaters, art galleries, and more. Residents of Bethesda enjoy living in a dynamic artistic and cultural center that allows access to some of the world's best Jazz, live theater performances, and nationally acclaimed events throughout the year.

The state of Maryland designated the downtown area of Bethesda as an Arts & Entertainment District in 2002. Since that time, the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District has fostered an artistic and cultural community that enlightens and enriches all who live in the Bethesda area.

From independent films to award-winning theatre productions, the Bethesda Arts and Entertainment District is brimming with inspirational artists and awe-inspiring talent. The many artists and artistic venues in the region fill the streets with unique spaces and interesting displays of public art. Throughout Bethesda, one is able to enjoy some of the best culture and entertainment offerings in the nation.

Jazz In Bethesda
Bethesda is known for its amazing Jazz scene. So much so, that every year Bethesda plays host to the Jazz Festival of Bethesda.

Arts & Entertainment District
Bethesda is also home to one of the most celebrated historic Jazz Clubs in the nation, the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club on Wisconsin Ave. The inspiring notes of today's best Jazz artists can be enjoyed in the fully restored historic Bethesda Theater. First built in 1938, today the theater is coming back to life and adding to the arts and entertainment scene of Bethesda.

Throughout the year Bethesda is home to a variety of exciting events. From puppet shows to live Jazz, events in Bethesda are available for the enjoyment of those of all ages and interests. Bethesda's live theatres and musical venues support a wide variety if amazing artists and entertainers who are able to delight those of all ages.

Bethesda is home to more than 200 restaurants. The excellent and eclectic dining of Bethesda ranges from American or Irish to British or Mongolian. The diverse cuisine in Bethesda showcases an array of treats from across the globe. Bethesda is a food lover's paradise. The area is able to cater to all tastes with more than 200 delectable dining experiences available in Bethesda. In recent years, the area bounded by Bradley Boulevard, Cordell Avenue, Wilson Lane and Wisconsin Avenue have come alive with dining, arts, and entertainment.

The Top 5 Bethesda restaurants
1) Mon Ami Gabi
2) Raku
3) Jaleo
4) Passage to India 
5) Cesco Osteria

Battery Lane Urban Park - This small urban park is perfect for families or individuals wishing to spend a day out in the sunshine. The park features a basketball court, a playground and two tennis courts.

Caroline Freeland Park - A great park for kids, the Caroline Freeland Park, includes a playground and gazebos.

Veteran's Park - A small park that features a memorial to Bethesda veterans, a water fountain, and a number of chairs and tables. During the summertime, Veteran's Park is home to numerous outdoor concerts.

Those interested in swimming in Bethesda will be happy to learn that there are a number of wonderful Swim Clubs available in the Bethesda area.

Swim Clubs
Little Falls Swim Club
Bannockburn Swimming Club
Old Georgetown Club
Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club

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